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Silk road Race is not for everyone: if you are looking for a comfortable and pleasant stay ... let it be and look for some other proposal. Silk road Race is primarily a challenge made on the numbers of charities and not on the speedometer. Silk Road Race was founded by the desire to involve real travelers, people who do not see the trip as a guided tour and who do not pretend that everything must be ready when swiping a credit card. Find a car, have it given by an aunt, or make a collection among colleagues to buy it (preferably simple and with little electronic) and be ready to go!


The car you’re going to drive will be sold in the tajik car market. To make your efforts to support Cesvi NGO more useful, since 2014 edition we kindly ask you to choose one of the following car, who’s value in Tajikistan is bigger and custom tax cheaper:

Fiat punto (after 2000);

Opel, all model excluding Omega;

Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Passat;

Daewoo Matiz and Nexia;

Mercedes classe E and C;

BMW class 3/4/5;

Toyota Corolla and Land Cruiser;

Skoda Octavia.

It’s a selection of vehicles that you can find for a few hundred of euros, but if you can’t find one of the list, we ask you to donate €150 more to Cesvi NGO, that will contribute to support more expensive custom tax.

Hard stuff. Getting serious about the talks here: if you are a biker you know that moving on two wheels means to feel changing the scent of places you pass by, to feel the beat of your pistons, mile after mile, and to give up everything that, in the end, it's not really necessary. If you're fascinated by the idea, you are one of us. Take a look around: look for a “horse” in fairly good shape, get a new pair of motorbike shoes, check fluids, two interventions... and you're ready!
Special vehicles
Will be very welcome at the Silk road Race vehicles which may not have all of the characteristics listed above, but that will able to complete the adventurous trip, adding to the foolish spirit already common to all participants, a significant amount of irony and fun for both those who participate and the onlookers on the side of the road. Similarly, if instead of a shack for the burgers, you would like to participate with an ambulance or a van or any other vehicle which would be useful in Tajikistan contact us and prepare your passport.
Preparing your vehicle
With regard to the preparation of the car there are no limits except those imposed by the codes of the countries you will cross, common sense and experience. In meetings that will take place in Milan before the start, we'll point you all the cares you will have to take. Do not forget that this is not a rally where who comes first wins a prize. We do not reward the fastest cars, but the funniest, the most original, the ones of the crew that will produce the coolest gadgets, the ones that will deliver the crew that will collect the most money for charity!




Le nostre proposte sono avventurose e in quanto tali possono comportare dei pericoli veri. Anche se il linguaggio che utilizziamo è energico e volto a suscitare la voglia di partire, non devi dimenticare mai che questo non è un gioco: non sottostimare pericoli e contrattempi in cui potrai incorrere. Durante il tuo viaggio non avrai alcun tipo di assistenza, anche se le cose dovessero volgere al peggio. Pensaci, nessuno ti obbliga e se preferisci puoi farti una bella vacanza in riviera o approfittare per stare a casa e fare le pulizie di Natale.


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