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What's this?

What's this?

Silk road Race is a charity rally from Milan (Italy) to Dushanbe (Tajikistan). 

When will the Silk road Race take place?

The departure date is the 2nd of August 2014 leaving from Milano (Italy). The arrival in Dushanbe (Tajikistan), vehicle donation  and CESVI's projects presentation will be the 22nd of August. Cars can be donated also on the 25th and 27th August on request.


After the 2010 edition and the first test-edition led by Team 241 ( we decided to involve more people with the desire of new expeditions in Central Asia. TRUE TRAVELS with the scent of adventure, not all-inclusive trips, but full experiences with the thrill of the unknown, the fascination of discovery and ... unconsciousness that can not fail. This is the Silk Road Race, the most unique, real, crazy way to explore one of the least known areas of the Earth.


The biggest challenge for those involved in the Silk Road Race is to reach the NGO CESVI in Dushanbe. Here, the powerful vehicles and the charities odds that each team will have collected will be donated to support Cesvi's projects.

On the road
Once you’ve left Milan, you will enter into the heart of the Silk Road Race just left Europe. Just enough time to realize in which fantastic adventure you are fired in, then off again! The adventure will touch some of the most amazing places in Asia shuttering the almost inaccessible Kazakh desert, or the charming persian streets. The challenge will then continue towards the ancient Bukhara, Khiva, with the entry in the legendary Samarkand, before recovering towards the unforgettable valleys of the Pamir.
Silk Road Race – The easiest part was yesterday
You have less than 20 days to achieve the objective. Tarmac, rubble, sand and dirt tracks: there are no fixed routes, no mechanical or logistical assistance will be present. If your means of transport abandons you in the Kazakh sands you’ll have to sort it out yourself. We won’t be able to help you.
Up to you to decide to find a caravan of pastors and trade your 4 wheels with three bottles of vodka or find an alternative... Otherwise you’ll need to find another solution. If you ask us if we are sure that you’ll complete the challenge, the answer is NO! but we’re confident that you can do it!
Do you think it’s too difficult? If so, we’re sorry but you would be better looking for comfortable villages that could be for you!




Le nostre proposte sono avventurose e in quanto tali possono comportare dei pericoli veri. Anche se il linguaggio che utilizziamo è energico e volto a suscitare la voglia di partire, non devi dimenticare mai che questo non è un gioco: non sottostimare pericoli e contrattempi in cui potrai incorrere. Durante il tuo viaggio non avrai alcun tipo di assistenza, anche se le cose dovessero volgere al peggio. Pensaci, nessuno ti obbliga e se preferisci puoi farti una bella vacanza in riviera o approfittare per stare a casa e fare le pulizie di Natale.


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